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Customized Rugs with Logo

We are the leading producers of custom logo mats in Nigeria. Logo entrance mats reinforce corporate branding and enhance logo recognition. They also protect tiled areas and keep the floors clean. Personalized mats capture your company or home image and also send a warm welcome greeting to guests and customers.

Finally, Custom Logo Mats are great for branding purposes. You can create a strong brand image in your customer’s mind with these custom logo mats. For this purpose, Eloquent Displays has a large selection of indoor and outdoor logo mats.

Types of Logo Mats

Where to Use Custom Mats

The Benefits of Mats To Your Business

Mats are more than just something to throw down on the floor, although that’s basically what you have to do with them. Mats go far beyond that and offer a variety of benefits to your business.

Cleaner Floors and Facilities — First and foremost, floor mats can enhance the appearance of your business by keeping dirt, debris, and contaminants from entering the area. Commercial buildings and facilities often have a lot of foot traffic. When the weather is less than ideal, the potential for dirt, ice, rain, and snow to come into your business is inevitable. However, a commercial floor mat will easily trap and hold the liquid and dirt.

Great for Branding and Marketing — Most business owners and leaders are looking for ways to build the company brand, and it can be as easy as placing down a customized mat. Placed at the entrance of your facility, your company message is in front of every person who comes through your doors, every day. You can even use a customized mat to highlight a top-selling product or new service that you’re offering, encouraging more sales of those products.

Improve Safety for Employees and Visitors — One of the main causes of accidents in a business, especially manufacturing facilities, are slip and fall incidents. The last thing you want is an injury that could’ve been avoided by putting down a customized floor mat. Properly placed mats can reduce work-related injury and liability claims, which when you think about it, is still kind of exciting.

Increase Employee Productivity — Tired and sore employees aren’t quite as productive as they could be. By using quality anti-fatigue mats, you’re providing comfort and cushioning to reduce joint stress, prevent tired feet at workstations, and insulate against cold floors. Your employees and their no longer aching backs will thank you.

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