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Metal Pulpits, Podiums and Lecterns

In Eloquent Displays, one of our specialty is lecterns for modern churches or podium for modern corporate bodies and organizations in Nigeria. Looking for truss podiums to command audience attention at meetings or events? These elegant aluminum and steel wire lecterns have a unique, modern look based on simple lines and contemporary design. Metal truss podiums with square or round tubing construction differ from standard or traditional wood pulpits because of their unique construction. These fixtures are designed with sturdy aluminum or steel tube supports reinforced by welded wire support trusses. Available with curved or straight sides, these contemporary facility and church pulpits offer a very modern look that commands attention in any environment without sacrificing stability.

Lightweight metal truss podiums for commercial and institutional use are also easily portable and easy to transport, making them a perfect choice for use as speaking furniture for both in-house and off-site events. This type of eye-catching, economical contemporary lectern will complement any environment, from traditional businesses to educational institutions, churches and other places of worship, conferences, promotional events and trade shows.

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