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Tear Drop Banner


Eloquent supplies tear drop banners in Lagos, Nigeria. Teardrop flags, commonly referred to as teardrop flag banners or teardrop feather flags, are large teardrop-shaped flags with any custom design printed on them using a dye sublimation process. They are attached to a lightweight aluminum and fiberglass flagpole and are either stuck into the ground or placed on some type of flag stand. This flagpole is bendable, keeping the teardrop flag taut with and without wind.

Using a teardrop flag banner in front of your store or business will surely be an eye-catcher and help draw the attention of those that pass by. Advertising your business is made simple and effective with these teardrop flag banners.


  • Striking solution to advertise your brand
  • Wind-resistant 4 oz. polyester flag material
  • Flag pole comes in 9 ft. and 11.2 ft. high
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Call attention to your big event, a sale, or shop’s grand opening with teardrop flag printing. Use them indoors or outdoors to convey your messages or strengthen your branding. If you are the owner of a car dealership, gas station, car rental, or other small or medium business, this might be the best advertising tool for you.

Size Guide

With teardrop flag printing, size does matter:

  • Tall – 9’ pole height with a flag size of 32.54″ x 78.64″. This is ideal for indoor display with limited ceiling height.
  • Extra Tall – With an 11’ height and a flag size of 40.38″ x 101.63″, this teardrop flag will be very visible in wide open areas.

Tip: Go with the 11’ flag for crowded events such as exhibits and conventions. Your extra tall flag will be easy to spot in the busy scene.

Make Your Flag Stand (Out)

There are five teardrop flag bases available to make your flags stand firm and steady:

  • Ground Spikes are perfect for securing your custom flags on sand and grass.
  • Cross Bases are ideal for indoor marketing events such as convention halls or at the mall.
  • Cross Bases and Water Weight Bags work well on hard or uneven surfaces such as concrete or frozen ground. The weight of the water bag helps stabilize the cross base.
  • Ground Spikes and Cross Bases are used to make your teardrop flag stay firmly secured on the ground especially when strong winds can blow your flag off the ground.
  • Square Bases are great to set up on even surfaces.

Tip: Choose the Ground Spike and Cross Base if you will be heavily promoting both indoors and outdoors.

Creating custom printed feather flags is easy. Simply upload your artwork or request our banner design service.

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