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We design and sale X banner display in Nigeria. X Frame Banner stands get their name because when set up, the banner stand frame looks like the letter X. This method of stand is extremely lightweight and simple with a status for being the best option for customers looking for cheap banner stands. X banner stands are used to display large format banners within a trade show or presentation. These X banner stands have an adjusting design you can manipulate to display a range of different-sized banner graphics. X banner is lightweight easy to set up and it makes the perfect banner system at an affordable cost. This stand is perfect for indoor events, trade shows, and exhibits.

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X-banner stands are a cheap and effective way to display your banner. They get their name from the ‘x’ shaped stand that holds the banner in place. There are many different variations of the X banner style of banner stand, but they all share some common design elements. The arms are flexible like tent poles and create tension which holds the banner taught. They are extremely lightweight and pack into a small room, and they are among the least expensive banner stands available.