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Canada Flag


Buy quality Canadian flags here in Lagos Nigeria. Eloquent Display is your top source for the Canada flag in Nigeria available in size five feet by three feet, 152cm x 91cm, with two brass eyelets/grommets for hanging. Canadian flags are printed with vivid colours onto quality polyester material.
The national flag of Canada was adopted on February 15th, 1965, (celebrated annually as national flags of Canada day). The maple leaf is a traditional Canadian emblem. In 1921, King George V proclaimed the official colours of Canada as red, from Saint George’s Cross, and white, from the French royal emblem since King Charles VII.

Product Specifications

  • Country Canada
  • Flag Size 5ft x 3ft
  • Flag Type Standard
  • Material Polyester

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Facts about the Canadian Flag

The current Canadian flag was raised up in 1965 for the first time. Its author was Dr. George Stanley, who intended to capture several important elements of Canadian history. The central theme of the flag is a maple leaf, which refers to the indigenous population that has been using the maple sap for centuries, and which still is a traditional Canadian product. Maple leaf became a symbol of Canadian athletes in the 20th century and also a symbol of Canadian soldiers in both world wars. A red leaf is placed on a white background and the flag is lined with two vertical red stripes. Red and white are referring to historical ties to the UK – it was a red and white flag with the St. George’s cross which was erected by John Cabot on Canadian soil in 1497.