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Order for the Flag of France right here in Lagos Nigeria. The French flag is one of the most instantly recognisable flags in the world sold and distributed in Nigeria by Eloquent Displays. Also known as the French Tricolour, this flag is a simple design of three equal vertical stripes of blue, white and red. At The Flag Shop, we have France flags for sale in a huge range of sizes and styles, including; flags, bunting, hand flags and table flags.

Product Specifications

  • Country France
  • Flag Size 5ft x 3ft
  • Flag Type Standard
  • Material Polyester

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Facts about the French Flag

The flag of France is a simple tri-colour design, consisting of three vertical stripes of blue, white and red. The French flag was first used as a national ensign in 1794, before being officially re-adopted in 1830 as the country’s national flag. The French flag played a prominent role in the storming of the Bastille, making it a recognizable flag around the world.

The flag of France has a similar design to many European countries, including the flag of Italy, the flag of Ireland and the flag of the Netherlands. At Eloquent, we have a huge range of world flags for sale from a range of European countries and beyond, no matter which country you’re looking to represent, you’ll find a high quality polyester flag to suit you.