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United Kingdom Flag


Union Jack, the Britain flag is available to buy in Nigeria at Eloquent Displays located at Ikeja Lagos. This British Union Jack flag is available in size five feet by three feet, 152cm x 91cm, with two metal eyelets / grommets for hanging. The United Kingdom flag is printed with vivid colours onto polyester.
Union Flags, also known as Union Jack flags when flown at sea, are the national flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.The current British flag dates from the 1st January 1801 with the act of Union 1800, which merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Union Jack British flags design contains the red saltire of the ST Patricks flag for Ireland, the saltire of ST Andrew, and the cross of ST George.

Product Specifications

  • Country United Kingdom
  • Flag Size 5ft x 3ft
  • Flag Type Standard
  • Material Polyester

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Facts about the United Kingdom Flag

The flag of the United Kingdom, commonly known as the Union Jack or Union Flag, is arguably one of the most recognizable flags in the world. And while the first Union Flag appeared in 1603, its roots go back far into the Middle Ages, making it one of the world’s most historic flags.

To understand the design of the Union Flag, you must first understand the early banners of England and Scotland.

The Union Flag was restricted to only naval use during its first 101 years in existence since England and Scotland were still separate countries. It wasn’t until the Acts of Union 1707 when England and Scotland joined together as the state of Great Britain that the flag became the official banner of military and government on land.

The current version of the Union Flag was created by the Acts of Union 1800 that united Great Britain and Ireland. The red saltire of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, was added on January 1, 1801, reflecting the addition of Ireland in a “United Kingdom.” Though Ireland would gain independence in 1921, the St. Patrick’s Cross remained to represent Northern Ireland, which separated from Ireland to remain a part of the United Kingdom.