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Israel Flag


Eloquent Displays is your number one destination for quality Israeli flag in Nigeria. The Israeli flag is available in size five feet by three feet, (152cm x 91cm), with two brass eyelets/grommets for hanging. Israeli flags are printed with vivid colours onto polyester.
The Israel flag was adopted in 1948. The blue and white are taken from the traditional Jewish prayer shawl, with the centre of the flag of Israel containing the Star of David.

Product Specifications

  • Country Israel
  • Flag Size 5ft x 3ft
  • Flag Type Standard
  • Material Polyester

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History of the Flag of Israel

Five months after the establishment of the independent state of Israel, the country adopted its national flag. According to state legislation, the flag’s official dimensions are 160 × 220 cm and its proportions are 8:11. The flag was first designed during the 1891 Zionist Movement. In 2007, a flag of Israel measuring 2,170 ft × 330 ft and weighing 5.2 tonnes was displayed near Masada, an ancient fortress associated with Jewish history. The flag became the world’s largest flag, breaking all previous records.

Flag Design

The national flag of Israel features two horizontal blue bands (top and bottom) and a blue Star of David in the center, set on a white field.


Since Israel is a nation with a Jewish majority, symbols of Judaism are represented on the flag. The flag’s basic design is based on the tallit, which is a fringed garment made of white cloth with black or blue stripes, and is traditionally worn by religious Jews. Therefore, the blue stripes and white field of Israel’s flag represent the stripes on the tallit. The Star of David, which is one of the main symbols of Judaism, is also featured on the flag.