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Nigeria Flag


Eloquent Displays is the leading online supplier of Nigeria flags. So if you are looking for where to buy Nigerian flag in Lagos, contact us. We have 2 different types of fabric available: Polyester and the less expensive Satin. The dimension of our country flags is 3×5 feet but it can customized to any size of your choice. We import only the highest standard of quality flags finished with a strong canvas heading and 2 brass grommets. These flags look great both outdoors and indoors suitable for companies and organizations who fly flags on a daily basis. We also have great value flagpoles

Product Specifications

  • Country Nigeria
  • Flag Size 5ft x 3ft
  • Flag Type Standard
  • Material Polyester

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Description and Meaning of the Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian flag has three vertical stripes of equal sizes, the left and right stripes are green while the centre stripe is white. The central white stripe symbolises the River Niger bisecting the countryside and also represents the nation’s passion for peace and unity, while the two green stripes on either side of the white stripe represent the nations evergreen vegetation and agriculture.

Did you know that the Nigerian flag has standard measuring dimensions? Yes, it does. A large Nigerian flag measures 1.2 meters in breadth and 2.4 meters in length, a medium sized flag measures 0.9m by 1.8m, and small size flags measure 0.6m by 1.2m.

Some Fascinating Facts about Nigeria Flag

  1. The flag was first officially hoisted on Nigeria’s first Independence day on the 1st of October 1960.
  2. The Nigerian flag is to be shown utmost respect, no emblem or flag is to be flown or placed higher than it.
  3. Old, worn-out and dirty flags are not supposed to be displayed publicly as this is seen as disrespect to the country. Worn-out flags should be destroyed and changed immediately.
  4. The flag used by the President of Nigeria is a bit different from what the masses use. It is called the presidential flag. It is the national triband with the coat of arms in the centre in proportion 3:5
  5. The flag is not only a national symbol but also the instrument of state power and the symbol of authority. It narrates the history, dreams and aspirations of the Nigerian people.
  6. The Nigerian national flag is hoisted and flown in a smart manner accompanied with a ceremony at dawn and lowered in a similar manner at sunset, that is at 6 a.m and 6 p.m respectively.

    7. It can be laid out flat horizontally only on very rare occasions. The only time the flag isn’t hoisted at its peak is during state funerals or memorial days when it is flown at half-mast as a sign of respect.

    8. When carried in procession, the bearer is positioned in front and must be properly and neatly dressed.

    9. Before now, the flag of the president of Nigeria used to look very different from what it is now. It had a red field in proportion 1:2, with a large green shield, fimbriated white, in the centre. This was charged with the shield from the Coat of Arms which is black, with a wavy-edged ‘Y’ or ‘pall’ in white (representing the confluence of the Niger and Benue Rivers against the black of Nigeria). Above and below this are three black scrolls containing the legend “President Federal Republic of Nigeria” in gold letters.